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What is a "View from" Concert?

The aim of a “View from…” concert is to sample in-depth the musical flavor of a time and place as may have been heard by an alert listener. This is not to suggest that the entire repertoire performed will have been "current" in any given year. Our hypothetical listener's forty year lifespan will have provided about 30 years’ direct knowledge and twenty or so of gatherings from the collective memory of his time and place, which may on certain points stretch back indefinitely into the past.

Because the customs and traditions with regard to music can vary widely over time and from place to place, every "View from" concert is slightly different in character and organization. Sometimes the experience will be akin to being dropped outside a cathedral in Palestrina's Rome, and the aural experience of passing the madrigal singers on the steps, attending mass within, and staying for the Marian devotions afterward. Other times, you may be on a whirlwind tour of Brahms' Dresden, attending concerts and salons, and experiencing home music-making in the last era before the advent of recording technology.

Wherever you join us, the view will be breath-taking.


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