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The Music Society at Cathedral Square

The Music Society at Cathedral Square is a new music organization in the Sacramento Valley whose purpose is to promote the advancement, awareness, and appreciation of a diversity of art music of the highest artistic quality in the Sacramento Metropolitan region. MSCS will work to support existing regional ensembles and develop new ensembles of promise by sponsoring concerts, workshops, educational outreach, and other such activities. To that end, we are proud to present thrilling, high-end musical performances in one of the jewels of sacred architecture in the West.

The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament holds a special place in the religious and cultural life of Sacramento, and MSCS could only embark on this new musical mission with the support of the Most Reverend Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento, the Very Reverend Michael Kiernan, Cathedral Rector, and Thomas Waddock, Parish Manager. Capella Antiqua is proud to announce that it has been named as Artists-in-Residence at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Only the generosity and support of the entire Cathedral family makes this and future musical activities possible.

It may seem non-intuitive to embark on a new artistic venture just as we face a time of economic and cultural travail, but tonight is a commitment to a more beautiful and vital artistic future for our region. Consider joining us as we work to enrich the musical life of our community, become a member of the Music Society at Cathedral Square or help us in our mission through a donation.


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